Welcome to Percussive Devices  A new breed of Hank Drum for hang drum lovers.

Home of the TurtlePan, inspired by the wonderful Hank Drum.
Also home of the TuneTank, Percussive Devices version of the Hank Drum.


The TurtlePan is fast gaining recognition as a quality, easy to play, great sounding steel tongue drum. It has found favor with both Hang Drum users and Hank Drum enthusiasts. Thanks to the popularity of the amazing sounding Hang Drum, and the ingenious Hank Drum, the steel tongue drum in general has been experiencing a huge surge of interest.

The TurtlePan is quite a bit different than a hank drum or propane tank type drums in tone and playability. In
comparing the two types, the TurtlePan has a shorter sustain and a faster decay. This means you can play at a greater tempo if you wish as the notes don't overwhelm each other to the same extent as Hank Drum. This makes for a very playable instrument. Both drums however, would make a good addition to your collection. Propane tank steel drums or 'Hank Drums'  are fun, sound nice, and most sound very similar to each other if well tuned. The TurtlePan however, has a sound and charm all it's own.

 See and hear for yourself.


These were the first steel tongue drums made by us. They utilized 'rescued' propane tanks and were based on the original Hank drum. These drums provide a wonderful deep base sound because of their size. They featured internal damping and rubber feet which let them sit almost anywhere. It appears that there is a preference for drums of smaller size and weight. Probably due to portability and shipping costs. These larger drums should not be over looked. If built right and tuned properly, they can be amazing sounding drums with a deeper fuller base. If you are looking for something with a deeper sound than the smaller drums can produce, this is the right sized Hank Drum for you. We are not routinely making our version of the Hank drum now but they can be ordered by special request.