Thank's for all the orders folks. It is a real pleasure working with people on custom drums and made to order color schemes.

For those of you looking for Hang drum alternates on eBay, I will have a few on eBay on the coming weeks I hope.

I also have a few surprises up my sleeve that I will be posting to eBay in the coming weeks.

Keep watching.



You can tuna piano, but you can't tunafish. You can tune a TurtlePan yourself, but not a Hang drum!

Hang drums are very awsome. But one drawback is that they, like all steel pan type drums will go out of tune and require the services of a skilled tuner. Not just any tuner, but a steel pan drum tuner.

Great news. I found a very good tuner you can download for free. If you have a computer :) and a microphone, you can download this free tuner to re-tune your drum.

All TurtlePan Bm drums are shipping with an extra set of magnets that allow you to retune the drum to the Akebono scale in B.

What I do is tune the drums first to Bm. Then I add the color coded Akebono magnet set and tune those magnets to Akebono B.

Now if you want to switch to the Bm tuning, you just need to remove the Akebono magnets and you are back to the original Bm tuning without the need for a tuner.

If you want to reinstall the Akebono magnets, you would need a very carefull marking method to mark th position of the magnets. Or you can use a guitar tuner or a piano.

But now here is an other choice for you if you have a computer and microphone. Simply download the following and install it for you very own free tuner. Note, this is a windows application.


The TurtlePan has a sound hole on the bottom and it is there for two logical reasons.

The number one reason is comfort. I wanted the TurtlePan to be comfortable. There were many options for construction and to me the only place for the sound hole was on the bottom, out of the way. I wanted to be able to have my hands in contact with the drum as if they were on a table taping my fingers. You can not get a rocking motion unless your palms can rest on a surface.

The second reason, having the sound hole on the bottom gives the drum a non rocking edge so you can place this drum on a pad or cushion or table or carpeted floor and play without the drum rocking.

As far as volume goes, there is more volume coming off the drum from the top of the drum. You can place the drum on your lap sideways, bottom of the drum to your left, top to your right and play a few notes. It becomes pretty obvious that there is a higher volume from the top of the drum than the bottom. Your right ear will be picking up a significantly higher volume from the top of the drum.

Keep it real.


Straight talk. 02/05/2009

We at percussive devices pride ourselves in honest 'straight talk'. We simply make a wonderful, great sounding, easy to play steel tongue drum. We are producing a unique and wonderful instrument that stands out for many reasons. Great tone, smooth top, 10 notes, adjustable tuning, two scales pre-tuned, stable and non-rocking on any surface, adjustable 'ring' damping, larger 14" diameter playing surface and logical progressive note arrangement of 'left right' 'left right' as you move up the drum to wards the lowest signature note.



Everyone! From children to dedicated musicians. TuneTanks and TurtlePans are sought after and owned by, teachers, music programs for children, drum circle leaders, serious percussionists and lots of people pursuing a spiritual meditative experience.

Anyone who loves music and tapping your fingers can play a TurtlePan the first time they sit down! The reason is because each turtle pan is tuned with a pentatonic scale. This means you can not play a wrong note! Just play away and enjoy. Be creative and discover your hidden musical talents!



Finally the web site is finished and we are now taking orders from the site as of Jan. 30 2009. !