The first TuneTank offered for sale

This is not the first drum I made but it is the first one I offered for sale. It is now in Australia and is used at drum circles. This tank, as with all my 'BBQ sized' (20lb) propane tank drums, is made from an out of date  recycled tank. You can get them from propane recycling companies very cheap. Please do not do this yourself as you could easily cause an explosion. This warning is not to be taken lightly! It is VERY dangerous. I suggest that anyone making their own drum, start with a brand new, never been filled before tank.

Another example of the TuneTank

I will have to try to learn more about recording. The drums always sound better in person. Still you get a pretty good idea even from this video.

I had a lot of fun making this style of drum. There is even one in a local high school music room that gets a great amount of attention.

This size tank sounds great and is still pretty portable. This is the common size you see on YouTube that lots of DIY types are making.